How to prevent razor bumps

How to prevent razor bumps

How To Get Rid Of Razor Bumps Fast
How to prevent razor bumps
How To Get Rid Of Razor Bumps
How To Get Rid Of Razor Bumps
How To Get Rid Of Razor Bumps
Want to know the  secret to Bump FREE shaving?
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Get rid of shaving bumps, razor burns and shaving blemishes fast
Getting rid of razor bumps from the comfort of your home could be done if you are ready to work the plan.

Below are some of the best products today that will get rid of your razor bumps fast and keep them away for good.

How to shave

Having a bump free shave involves you paying a little attention to your shaving ritual. Follow the steps in this video, using the products mentioned below to eradicate bumps and keep them away

1. Using the facial wash

A great shave starts even before you pick up a razor. Use the Anti blemish facial wash to cleanse your skin, remove oil and dirt and unclog pores. This product softens your hair, hydrates your skin making it easier and safer for the razor to cut to avoid irritation

2. Hot shower

A hot shower is ideal but if not feasible, simply wash you face in the sink with warm water using the facial wash as described above.

3. Shaving gel

This is very important. Use Gillette fusion hydra gel for your shaving. Apply it in a circular motion over the areas you shave. This puts a protective blanket over your hair, locks in moisture and makes the job of shaving easier.

If you have sensitive skin, allow the gel to sit on your face for a full minute after applying it. The hair will absorb it more, gets softer and becomes a lot easier to shave off without any tucking and pulling.

4. Shaving Razor

This again is very important.  You can use a Gillette fusion multi blade razor or a Norelco circular blade depending on what works for you. Make sure that the multi blade razor is not dull to avoid nicks and skin irritation. If you don’t know how to do this, look at the blade to see if it has an indication strip which would fade to white  If its no longer sharp. If so discard the blade and add a new one.


Apply light gentle strokes. Remember this is not manual labor. The razor should do the work not you; to avoid pressing down on the blade causing irritation which will become the corner stone of razor bumps starting with an inflammation. We don’t want that to happen.

You can pull your skin down as shown in the video and rinse your blade frequently for batter glide and comfortable shaving.

Shaving direction

Rub your hand across your skin to determine which direction your hair grows. If you feel some resistance, that means you are moving against the grain.

The first step is to shave with the grain and then secondly against the grain

Around the lips and chin

The toughest areas to shave are around the lips and chin. Leave these areas for last to give the shaving gel more time to soak and make the hair softer.

5. Trimming and sculpting

For any part of your face that needs trimming or sculpting, use A single blade razor such as the Gillette fusion single blade. Areas that this works great for include under the nose and for trimming the side burns if you so desire. 

Rinse off your blade with warm water. Do not dry on a towel or bang it on the sink to get rid of the water. This could damage the blades leading edge. Simply shake it off and remember to store the blade in its organizer to preserve it until when you need it again.

6. Rinse your face

This time use cool water to rinse your face. This is excellent for closing closed pores and giving an excellent feel to your shave. Pat your face dry with a towel for excellent results.

7. Razor bump prevention

After shaving

Use the Bump zapper Anti Bumps soothing Aftershave lotion to complete your shaving and keep bumps at bay. This lotion sooths calms and disinfects the skin to prevent razor bumps and ingrown hair from forming.

That’s it folks. The next step now is for you to actually do IT. Grab the paraphernalia you need or get the Ultimate razor bump shaving kit and begin your journey to a new you.

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