How to shave your head

How to shave your head

How To Get Rid Of Razor Bumps Fast
How to shave your head
How To Get Rid Of Razor Bumps
How To Get Rid Of Razor Bumps
How To Get Rid Of Razor Bumps
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Get rid of shaving bumps, razor burns and shaving blemishes fast
If you are going to shave your head bald or maintain an already bald head, continue to read and watch the video for the best way to achieve and maintain a bald head without the irritations and razor bumps that could come with it.

I forgot, you get to save at least $10 a week or $40 by shaving your head yourself and not going to the barber.

1. Trim before you shower

If you have some growth on your hair already, the first step is to use a trimmer to trim it down. Wash your hair, dry with a towel and then trim it down. Remember, this is before you shower.

You do this before you shower to give the hair enough time to dry for the trimmer to work optimally. Washing the hair removes all dirt and oil that could hamper the trimming and not give close cuts. Brush off the head with a brush and then jump into the shower.

For guys that break out with razor bumps

For guys who break out when they use any other type ot razor apart from electric trimmers, it is important they stick to what works for . Use trimmers that will give you the closest cutClick here to view  some recommended trimmers for very close shaves..

Shave in a back and fort motion until the whole head is shaved. Brush the scalp and repeat the process again guided by feeling with your hands or a mirror to pick up any remaining stubs.

Wash your head while in the shower and then proceed o stage 5

NB: If you shave your head daily or every 2 days skip this part and move straight to the next stage.

2. Shampoo before you shave

While in the shower, shampoo your hair.

3. Lather with a shave gel

Lather your head with a shave gel to hydrate and soften the hair to make it easier for the blade to cut of the hair and achieve a close shave.

4. Shaving your head

The blade you use is very important.  You can use a Gillette fusion multi blade razor or Head blade . Make sure that the multi blade razor is not dull to avoid nicks and skin irritation.

This is how you check for dullness, look at the blade to see if it has an indication strip which would fade to white if its no longer sharp. If so discard the blade and add a new one.

Use the mirror to shave the back of your head, using upstrokes to help the blade do the work and avoid pressure to the skin.

Rinse the blade often and when done feel the scalp to see if there are any isolated areas of Hair left behind. If there is re-lather your hair and shave that area. Wash the scalp with cool water after shaving to close the pores and pat dry with a towel.

5. Moisturize

Apply the Anti bump aftershave lotion immediately after you are done and continue with the aftershave lotion on days you do not shave to keep the scalp hydrated and moisturized to avoid flaking and dryness and guessed it razor bumps

You are done!

Anti-Bumps Soothing Aftershave Lotion for Sensitive Skin
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