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Pubic hair styles - keep it exciting
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Girl! You can keep your bikini area exciting and constanly boost your confidence or surprise your partner with unique designs!

You can shave or wax intricate designs without bumps, irritations and darkening of the skin. Below is a full description of the different designs you can make yourself. Please watch the video of the actual designs and then grab The Cactus Is Also A Flower. A bikini guide every woman must have.

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Pubic Hair Styles
Bikini waxing

The Bikini Line
This is the least extreme form. All pubic hair covered by the bikini is left in place. Only straggling hairs on either side are removed, so that none is visible when a bikini with high-cut sides is being worn.

The Full Bikini
Only a small amount of hair is left, on the Mound of Venus (the mons pubis)

The European
All pubic hair is removed "except for a small patch on the mound".

The Triangle
All pubic hair is removed except for a sharply trimmed triangle with the central, lower point aimed at the top of the genitals. It has been described as "an arrowhead pointing the way to pleasure".

The Moustache
Everything is removed except for a wide, rectangular patch just above the hood at the top of the genital slit. This is sometimes called "The Hitler's Moustache", sometimes "Chaplin's Moustache".

The Heart
The main pubic tuft is shaped into a heart symbol and may be dyed pink. This is a popular style for Valentine's Day, presented as an erotic surprise to a sexual partner.

The Landing Strip
A cultivated pubic hair pattern in which the hair is trimmed to a narrow vertical strip or rectangle, and all other pubic hair is removed. The landing strip starts from anywhere between the natural pubic hairline to within two inches from the top of the vulva, and ends just above the clitoris.

The Playboy Strip
Everything is removed except for a long, narrow rectangle of hair, 4 cm (1½ inches) wide.