How To Get Rid Of Razor Bumps Fast
The Cactus Is Also A Flower
Get rid of shaving bumps, razor burns and shaving blemishes fast
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It is time to get that smooth , bump free shaving and not feel like you have a cactus in your underwear.

Have your questions answered. Get results as you need them and learn from actual situations. Getting it wrong with shaving the bikini area could easily become a problem.

Learn how to do it right and always get it right. The answer lies in the this every womans survival guide!

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Year in year out, as summer comes around and as young women are growing up and decide it is time to trim down the pubic hair and make it ready for the pool or beach, all kinds of problems arise before or after the first shave. For some it is the first time, for others it is problem that has always been there without a solution.

  • How to shave
  • Which method to use Razors, waxing etc
  • Ahhhh! Red bumps and irritations
  • How to get rid of bumps fast
  • How often to shave
  • How does shaving affect sex
  • Is leaving it natural ok?
  • What do guys think
  • ...and a lot more

These and a lot more are answered in this book, a kind of  a girls survival guide . Shaving down there could present a lot of stress. Despite all the itchiness, red bumps and prickly feeling all day long, it could still be comfortable and calm; the Cactus despite its thorns is also a flower. Who knew!

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Bye bye to insanity. And welcome comfort!