How To Get Rid Of Razor Bumps Fast

How To Get Rid Of Razor Bumps Fast

How To Get Rid Of Razor Bumps Fast
How To Get Rid Of Razor Bumps Fast
How To Get Rid Of Razor Bumps
Get rid of shaving bumps, razor burns and shaving blemishes fast
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I love writing reviews and decided it was time to actually apply a research process to take care of my razor/shaving bumps for good.

I assumed that a shaving bump treatment product would be easy to come by and that I just needed to buy one that fits my budget.
How wrong was I. There is more to shaving bumps than meets the eye so I took some time to really get into the detail and find the best how to get rid of shaving bump system in the market today for the man or woman with a shaving bump issue. My extensive research for bump free shaving finally leads me to the Bump Zapper severe Bump kit.

What to keep in mind when deciding on products to get rid of your shaving bumps
Within a relatively short time, I found out there are a few things you have to look out for and steps to follow when you are committed to getting rid of your shaving bumps. These include:-

  • Causes of razor bumps
  • Your shaving method
  • The razor you use
  • Your skin prep before shaving
  • Quick resolution

When you just jump in and buy the first bump treatment product you see based on price alone, you are bound for trouble particularly if your plan is for complete eradication of the problem you are facing. Just stick with me and I’ll explain each of these in relation to how to get rid of shaving bumps fast using the Bump Zapper severe bump kit.

What causes razor bumps?

When you ask a bunch of different people about the cause of shaving bumps you would get different results. However, it is an established fact that most razor and shaving bumps are a direct result of the skins reaction to shaving trauma.  Over time the integrity of the skin get compromised, it is irritated, red, and swollen; eventually infection sets in.  If left untreated, the skin becomes damaged, undergoes scarification and darkens.

The two products that make up the Bump zapper severe bump treatment kit, the Anti-bump Astringent cleanser and the Anti-bumps Healing lotion have multi mode action that eliminate the shaving bumps and repairs the skin.

Your Shaving Method

As you must have noticed, not everybody gets bumps after they shave. It reminds me of acne. Some people are lucky to have acne free skin without doing anything special, while some have to undertake constant rituals to make sure their skin is without blemish. Same with shaving bumps, you have to make the effort, use the right shaving tools; methods that get results; and also the right bump treatment.

The Bump Zapper severe bump treatment  kits 2 components, The Anti bump Astringent cleaner and the Anti Bump healing lotion both are the missing link to your shaving problems and will complete your how to get rid of razor bumps regimen and keep you razor bump free.

Razor does matter

You will be surprised by the influence the razor you use has on the outcome of your shaving and whether you get bumps or not.  You probably know by now what type of razor is good for you, whether its the plain razor blade or the electric razor.  After you have identified what works better for you electric or regular plain razor, then we get down to the exact blade brands that get the job done. Follow the shaving directions in the Bump free shaving guide and you will be bump free.

Preparing before and after shaving

Getting your skin and hair ready for shaving goes a long way in making for a smooth shave and bump free skin.  Just like every other thing in life, you get better outcomes when you start with a "clean slate."

Simple things like washing your face and deep cleansing, remove excess oil and dirt clogging pores and helps eliminate inflammation. This disinfects and dries the skin freeing entrapped ingrown hair allowing for better results when you shave.

Fast and precise

One thing you won’t find on other bumper shaving products is a quick response. The bump zapper is designed to act quickly, which means that ones you use it within 24 hours you start to see results. The bump zapper is a fast and effective product. It is excellent for of razor bumps, shaving bumps, razor burn and ingrown hair.

When it comes to getting rid of shaving bumps, the first step is to get the basics right. Make use of the right shaving methods as described in the FREE Shaving Guide, and take action. When the products are used together, the skin gets healed,  normal complexion is restored and future bumps will not manifest.

How Much Should You Expect To Pay

The Bumper Zapper Severe bump kit which works for any skin type and  is available at for $19.99.

What’s included?

The Anti-bump Astringent Cleanser (200ml)
The Anti-bumps Healing Lotion (50ml

What others are saying

This shaving bump treatment kit has received rave reviews from most consumers on the web and has plenty of happy consumers.

Here are some of the comments to date:-

  • “Everyone wants to know what I am doing to look so good!!!”
  • “...with continuous use of your shaving products the overall clarity, tone and texture of my skin have improved tremendously and in a very short time.”
  • “...the product helped me immensely. It was a "miracle"!
  • “...helping "put my best face forward.”
  • “The bumps and the discomfort are completely gone. It has worked for me. It will work for you.”
  • “Nothing works as fast and helps improve your skin then Bump Zapper.”

Any complaints?

I found very few complaints for this shaving bump eradication treatment on the internet. There was one complaint of some concern about deeply embedded ingrown hair that did not respond initially to the Bump zapper. This was quickly resolved with the help of the anti bumps healing lotion and a pair of tweezers. The consumer was happy to report that since using the Bumper zapper, he has remained bump free and there has been no further incidence of ingrown hair.

Where Can I Buy the Bumper Zapper?

To make shaving or razor bumps a thing of the past, you can buy the bump zapper kit containing the non drying Anti bump astringent cleanser and the fast acting alcohol and fragrance Free Anti bumps healing lotion by clicking here now.

How can I get rid of shaving bumps using the Bump Zapper?

The best reviews on how to get rid of shaving bumps are from people that have the problem and have found a product that works! To get rid of your shaving bumps, Click on add to cart below Now!

Bump Zapper Severe Bump kit